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this method for memorizing Type I and Type II errors mentioned in a comment by sam on Stats StackExchange is fricking genius.

In the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the villagers first make a type 1 error, and the second time make a type 2 error.

when running various programs, be that native apps, web apps, desktop environments or whatever, i always see a stray tooltip from time to time. never thought it'd be this challenging to make something as simple as a tooltip that disappears when the cursor leaves a certain zone.

instead of having a specific server software for each type of platform (e.g. Mastodon for microblogging, PeerTube for video sharing, Kbin for link aggregation, etc.), why isn't there a generic server that we can connect different client software to using some sort of client to server protocol, so that the same identity can be used by the same entity across different types of views?

like, i want the Fediverse to know this identity universally as @jane@janeirl.dev instead of something like @jane@kbin.janeirl.dev and @jane@blog.janeirl.dev and be able to open different apps of my choice (or even the same app with a view switcher) to view different type of content in a format optimized for it.

TIL ` is an ASI hazard in , along with the six well known ones (, [, +, -, * and / (https://github.com/tc39/ecma262/issues/943)

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hmmmm, seems like my instance is running? @jane:janeirl.dev 👀

(yes i haven't been active for like four months here… recently changed the CDN provider of this site from to and server provider from to with the annoyingly cheap architecture. also finally started backing up all my data to and a hard drive on my desk. quite a lot of work lol. might post some more interesting stuff later if i feel like it)

CW: bread pic

made bread for the first time with friends! 10/10 experience.

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the phrasing "normal people" implies the existence of tangent people.

the biggest issue i've had since switching to the is with the style movement keys. i've since slowly gotten used to the new placement of keys using a set of weird : the four more awkward keys out of the six keys responsible by the right index finger that require the finger to extend outwards are for cursor movement; the key furthest to the top is for moving the view up (or the cursor down -- kinda like the so called natural scrolling), and similarly the key furthest to the bottom is for moving the view down (or the cursor up); for the remaining two keys, the left one is for moving the cursor to the left and vice versa.

it's weird how on a digital clock hours and minutes are more like integer properties of Time, while on an analog clock they are more like float views with different scales and granularity on the same time value.

i wonder why so many social websites put the permalink of a post obscurely on the timestamp (Friendica and Mastodon do this too). the only things that are acceptable to be put on timestamps should be time-travel: URLs.

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a little sneak peek of an Arm virtual machine i made in using pure commands 👀

this was created as part of a project for my assembly and computer organization class; will polish out a more detailed article later.

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